Debbie Booz

I am writing to thank you for the opportunity to share Mr. Pete’s tape, “Coconut Joe”, with our families. When these tapes went on sale, the children and parents were equally ecstatic. The children so frequently speak of Mr. Pete and sing his songs that many of our parents were thrilled that they would finally get to hear Mr. Pete. Many parents have shared with us how much they have enjoyed this tape and we would like to pass this on to you.

“It’s a great family tape. I find my husband and myself singing along with Mr. Pete and the children.”

“Whenever the children begin arguing in the car, I just pop in Mr. Pete’s tape and they begin singing and the fighting stops. It’s wonderful.”

“It gave my two year old the opportunity to teach me the words to the songs.”

“We are looking forward to this trip to Florida – Mr. Pete is coming with us!” (The family was driving to Florida and they were taking the tape with them.)

“Whenever we put Mr. Pete’s tape on, my child begins to sing and dance!”

All of the families who purchased Mr. Pete’s tape have been thrilled. It seems to have given them a family bonding time they all truly enjoy.

Thanks again for providing us the opportunity to share this experience with our families.