Roseann Fry – Educational Director, Crossing Cooperative Nursery School

I am delighted to write on behalf of Mr. Peter Maggitti, who has been a very special part of the Visiting Musicians’ Program at CCNS for several years. Mr. Pete’s regular visits to our school for Music Time are always interactive, imaginative and lots of fun.

Mr. Pete is a caring and conscientious early childhood music educator. His music sessions provide the children lots of opportunities for singing, listening, moving and making music with an age-appropriate flair. He is always open to incorporating our school-wide themes into his program, further enriching the experience for our little students.

Mr. Pete is also highly receptive to participating in special school-wide events such as our Jingles & Jammies holiday celebration, or Mother’s Day “Music with Mommy” teas.

I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Pete to early childhood programs in the area who might be looking for a dear friend to bring music to their children.

Kathleen Winter – Director, Creative Beginnings Early Childhood Program

Peter Maggitti has been employed at Creative Beginnings as our Music Specialist since January 2010. He consistently engages all age groups from infants to Kindergarten in developmentally appropriate music lessons designed to promote creative thinking as well as a love of music. His lessons incorporate fun and learning using concrete props and movement activities, and are individualized where needed.

He has established wonderful relationships with all of the children, who just adore him. Parents report that a child who may be reluctant to come to school will bounce out of bed  when reminded it’s a “Mr. Pete” day, and often imitate him at home by singing and pretending to play the guitar.

He worked diligently with the children and teachers to present a winter and spring concert this past year. Parents were delighted to attend and experience the magic of Mr. Pete, and children were so proud of their accomplishments.

Peter’s commitment to children and passion for his art is evident, and we consider him to be a true asset to our program.

Angela N. Somogyi – Center Director, Children’s World Learning Centers

As Center Director of a child care center that has had the good fortune of having Mr. Pete as a part of its program, it is with great pleasure that I share my observations.

Long before the parents ever meet “Mr. Pete” they know all about him. They know the songs he sings, the inflections in his voice, and the enthusiasm he brings to every group with which he works. The parents acquire this information, not from the newsletter articles, or the program description. They experience this information through their children. Even the youngest toddlers that share some time with Pete, glow with excitement when he begins his “Good Morning” song. Many of the children, who do not recall the activities of the day, remember in vivid detail the songs, excitement, and fun they had during music time with “Mr. Pete.” His songs can be heard throughout the building hours and days after his last class for the week. Parents who have never met Pete, tell me time and time again, how much their children love him. They tell me that the kids sing his songs over and over again, using emotion, inflection, and animation ‘just like Mr. Pete.”

As I walk through the building on music days, I feel touched by the interactions I witness. Children who might otherwise be shy and reserved can be seen eagerly participating in a “Let’s Pretend” activity. Little ones who barely speak watch and listen with wide eyes, as they try so hard to mimic the sounds they hear and the hand motions he demonstrates. Excitement explodes when he gets to the chorus, and the lines they can repeat. With the older children, the room comes alive during Mr. Pete time. Many of the children keep their eyes glued to his fingers, to try to figure out how he gets the guitar to make those sounds! Others wait eagerly for the “funny” voices Pete makes when emphasizing a word or line from their favorite tune. When it’s time for movement, I watch with amusement as the children crawl around like snakes for “Let’s Pretend” or “Stop, Drop and Roll” as the song instructs.

Every time Pete interacts with a group of children, it is clearly obvious that he loves his ‘job.” He approaches each song and activity with a wide smile, a lilt in his voice and enthusiasm that is contagious to the children and teachers alike. Pete not only plays music and sings with the children. He listens to them, respects their ideas and suggestions, and helps to build their self-esteem through unconditional acceptance of their individuality. He builds and understanding and appreciation for music, as well as enhancing listening skills, by offering hands-on activities with instruments and by introducing various styles and types of music.

It is with a great deal of pride and anticipation that I await the release of Pete’s music on CD. I am proud that I have been around to share the enthusiasm and appreciation for music and learning that he brings every time he walks into the building. I am sure there will not be a child out there who will not feel the joy, amusement, and excitement that his music and lyrics bring.

Pete is an inspiration to myself and the teachers, as educators. He is a positive role model for the children with whom he shares his love and enjoyment of music, learning, and fun!

Dr. Marcia T. Taylor

As parents of a twelve-year-old daughter who has been under Mr. Pete’s tutelage since the age of two and a half, we are very appreciative of the full spectrum of musical experience he provides. From the Tunes for Tots workshops for toddlers to the Music Theater workshops for children reaching school age to individual piano lessons, our daughter has been exposed to singing, various musical instruments, music theater and individualized piano lessons. Mr. Pete’s instruction is always done with humor, at a pace that the child can accommodate, based on their age and skill level. The musical environment is nurturing and doesn’t pressure the child so the child gets the full enjoyment of the music. We would heartily encourage any parent to have their child take advantage of Mr. Pete’s unique style of instruction and fun.

The Smith Family

Mr. Pete,

Thank you for all that you do. Brynn and Tucker love you and your music program.

Sharon Kneiss

In my opinion, “The Bubble Song” is a great compliment for the bubble activity. I observed that my children, ages 4 and 2, stayed very focused on blowing bubbles as long as the music was playing. If they engaged in this activity without the music, they seemed to lose interest much more quickly. We had taken the “Bubbles” tape to a play group of both boys and girls with ages ranging from 2 – 6 years. The children had a great time blowing bubbles, and they stayed with the activity as long as the music was playing. The reaction from the moms that were there was very positive. They thought that it was a great idea to play the song and they were surprised at how the music kept the attention centered on the exercise. I also found that the power of suggestion plays a big part in regard to “The Bubble Song”. Sometimes my 2-year old daughter will sing some of the songs that she knows. If she starts to sing “The Bubble Song” she’ll then ask to play with the bubbles. I have also started to play the “Bubbles” tape out of the blue with no prompting from my children. When they hear the music playing, they ask me to get the bubbles out. My children also enjoy hearing the song in the bathtub, because that is one of the best places to play with bubbles.

Nancy and Jim Romanchek

This is a heart-felt thank you for everything you have done for James and Todd over these last ten years. When they were little you fostered their love of music. As they grew, you unearthed and nurtured their musical talents. You allowed them to grow in a way that was fun and enduring. This is a sincere thank you, but not a good bye for we shall always remain in touch.

Nancy & Bruce Popkin-Roth

Thank you for making music such an enjoyable part of Lily’s education at CWLC. She adored learning all the instruments this year. We know we have another music lover in Annabelle (Fawn’s Field). We look forward to more years of anticipating Mr. Pete on Fridays.

Michelle and Paul Anthony

Our children are fortunate enough to have Mr. Pete be a part of their lives for the past five years. Whether it be our two-year-old singing the ‘Clean Up’ song, our six-year-old at piano lessons, or the newborn in the infant seat watching it all, they all feel his love of music in them. Pete’s creativity and unique teaching style give so many children a life long gift – the love and appreciation of music.

Leslie Martin

The songs of Peter Maggitti are full of fun and warmth. After hearing “The Bubble Song” we found ourselves singing the song quite spontaneously. I have been singing the song to my children in the bath as a way to playfully enjoy the bubblebath and to distract them during hair washing. Baths have become much more fun while singing. My two year old and five year old girls have begun singing “Bubbles” at other times – Margot sang the song when she saw bubbles in the sink as we did dishes. Amanda started spouting the song when she saw bubbles on the windshield during a rainstorm. She has also requested “Bubbles” in the car when she was upset – it quieted her down immediately. We have more words sung by my shy two-year old when she sings the songs in her daily conversation. It is very good for her.