Debbie Cassidy & Jim Majewski

Testimonial 1

I am the mother of Joe and John Majewski. I have never met you but I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for developing my sons’ love and appreciation of music. My kitchen floor is filled with musical instruments from the likes of pots and pans, spoons, soup ladles, homemade paper plate drums filled with Froot Loops and covered with tinfoil. I have hours of video tape of the Majewski boys jamming sessions than can be used as blackmail for any potential girlfriend, wife or political campaign.

Given a kindergarten assignment to draw and name his favorite instruments, Joe was able to discriminate a double bass from a cello, a French horn from a trumpet and could name different types of guitars.

I wanted to write you this note to let you know that you do make a difference in our children’s lives and that your hard work and dedication to our children is greatly appreciated. Thank you for enriching my sons’ lives through your talented gift of music.

Testimonial 2

As my children, Joe and John Majewski, leave CWLC, I just wanted to thank you for inspiring them with the love of music. Both my sons speak so enthusiastically about your program and continue to be very involved with it.

Every night John creatively uses a variety of materials to produce some kind of instrument and is requesting that I sign him up for saxophone lessons.

When his older brother Joe first went to Afton he got disciplinary slips for bad behavior in music. I later found out he was bored because the music program wasn’t as fun as yours. He already warned John about it.

Consequently, Joe has a new music teacher, his behavior improved and he is now taking piano lessons. I am the only mother in the world who doesn’t have to make him practice because he’s at the keyboard every day by his own initiative. He informed me he’s signed up to play the trumpet in fourth grade next year. Joe also excels academically, he’s a straight-A student and is flourishing in the Advanced Mathematics Program. I believe some of this was influenced by the intellectual stimulation music provides.

John’s benefits are just as evident. He knows the difference between percussions and woodwinds, jazz and blues and that Joe Sweeney invented the banjo! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a big difference in my sons’ lives by sharing the joy of music.