Sharon Kneiss

In my opinion, “The Bubble Song” is a great compliment for the bubble activity. I observed that my children, ages 4 and 2, stayed very focused on blowing bubbles as long as the music was playing. If they engaged in this activity without the music, they seemed to lose interest much more quickly. We had taken the “Bubbles” tape to a play group of both boys and girls with ages ranging from 2 – 6 years. The children had a great time blowing bubbles, and they stayed with the activity as long as the music was playing. The reaction from the moms that were there was very positive. They thought that it was a great idea to play the song and they were surprised at how the music kept the attention centered on the exercise. I also found that the power of suggestion plays a big part in regard to “The Bubble Song”. Sometimes my 2-year old daughter will sing some of the songs that she knows. If she starts to sing “The Bubble Song” she’ll then ask to play with the bubbles. I have also started to play the “Bubbles” tape out of the blue with no prompting from my children. When they hear the music playing, they ask me to get the bubbles out. My children also enjoy hearing the song in the bathtub, because that is one of the best places to play with bubbles.